Do you remember the store opened by Tmall last year t is now closed

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today to chat with friends, we talked about a year old news, that is in March last year, the media have widely reported "Tencent in Tmall opened the official digital flagship store", now in the past more than a year, how the operation of the store sales, what will be the



with this question, strong brother in the Tmall search box, enter the "Tencent" was out of the "Tencent flagship smart devices ( /), but all of its items only" Star Wars SpheroBB-8 bb8 smart ball robot "and" micro Po intelligent spherical robot two. Strong brother vaguely feel that the store and a year ago to see the flagship store Tencent changed a lot.

so vigorously to search Sina, brother of Phoenix and a number of authoritative media reports, which found some strange.


in March 12th last year, Sina released the "science and technology Tencent opened a digital store address in Tmall by WeChat screen", which refers to the Tencent in the creation of Tmall’s official flagship store named "digital Tencent official flagship store, at, the sale of goods, including Teng love blood glucose meter, the classic QQ dolls, small Q robot. Interesting is that this site was also blocked by WeChat. However, when you visit this address again, you can’t find the store".

that is to say, the official flagship store opened a year ago Tencent, in fact, has been shut down, but the specific reason for shutting down, but there is no media or channels announced.

so the problem came, and vigorously to search for the brother of Tencent intelligent equipment flagship store, what is it?

registered "Tmall shop operator business license information through the shop can be seen, the operator called Shenzhen City dog tree children Technology Co. Ltd., and the company registered in the information displayed on the hook, with many manufacturers of products business agency, including the" intelligent hardware exclusive electronic commerce service Tencent taking".


that is, in fact, it is in compliance with the law to sell Tencent’s intelligent hardware and hardware products, but it is not the official behavior of Tencent.

in May this year, Tencent and Jingdong in the 2 anniversary of the day, the Tencent will be closed to the Jingdong Tmall store? To search all brother in the Jingdong Tencent Related words, and did not find the entrance of the official flagship store, the Jingdong sold QQ dolls are third shops, a the two sides did not visible in cooperation.

on Tmall, big brother can still be found in the official flagship store NetEase, Baidu official flagship >