Domain name service providers 70% decline in domestic registration abroad surge by 13 times

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from the CN domain name registration threshold to enhance the domain name investigation action, China Internet domain name has become one of the current focus on the domain name service industry is also evident. China’s domain name service provider registered avalanche decline of nearly 70%, while the number of overseas Chinese domain name registration increased by 180 thousand, the data show that a large number of Chinese websites are being transferred overseas to survive.

renamed China is the domain name service provider for individual users of the largest, most of the previously registered business is from the CN domain name, so named Chinese CEO Kong Dejing admits business is affected, the domain name registration policy adjustment after a week, CN domain name registrations fell by 70% after a day, CN domain name registrations in 2000 about, and now only a few hundred.

According to the survey data

Internet research institutions show that in December,.COM, the overseas domain name registration in China continued to rise, the 7~14 week in December increased by 180 thousand, an increase of up to 13 times. This shows that there are a large number of domestic websites turned overseas registered domain name. There are many of them in the inventory of the action was closed site. The registration of a domain name outside the procedure is simple, do not need to fill out the real information of the domain owner, only need to leave e-mail can be completed, also can directly through the Alipay network payment. There have been many due to room inspection and the impact of small and medium-sized webmaster can not stand the loneliness for the site".

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