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Hou Xiaoqiang

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"I want to travel the world, doing volunteer work, sleeping in a bookstore, let the sun shining white shining on me. The wind in the valley, the stars after the heavy snow, the fishing boats in the sea, and the strangers, I wish you good luck. I left with nothing whatsoever, to dream of a horse, the cover of darkness, the warm wind blowing". Last night, Hou Xiaoqiang forwarded his at the end of October this article with the micro-blog legacy of haizi.

behind this micro-blog, hidden a trace of Zhi Zhi taste. Because yesterday, Hou Xiaoqiang resigned from the application of the official literature CEO officially approved, his identity as a senior adviser to the Royal literature.

Hou Xiaoqiang left him in charge of the five years of network literary empire. It is clear that this change to the outside world of shock, unlike micro-blog as poetic, but filled with a variety of palace bucket like conjecture and analysis. Like every grand department changes, the departure of Hou Xiaoqiang was also with "suspicion" and "overhead", "fight", "storm starting point" and other words are closely related.

everyone with their own clues and ideas together into a pair of leaving Hou Xiaoqiang insider ukiyoe. But in the middle there is a lack of Hou Xiaoqiang’s voice. Yesterday evening, Hou Xiaoqiang accept Sina Technology exclusive connection. For the first time in detail about reasons for leaving the grand literature, and several "anecdotal popular conspiracy theory to make a detailed response.

and Hou Xiaoqiang dialogue content, sina science and technology into the following readme:

in mid September this year, I began to increase physical discomfort, including blood pressure and other aspects of the problem. At the end of September I began treatment, in order to let me put the family nursed back to health, network are broken. Due to the need for further treatment, in mid October, I formally resigned. The main reason for my resignation is the condition of the body.

I resign, Chen has been communicating with me, but also put forward to rest assured that all the rest of the rest of the program and other programs. But I think it is a critical period of the grand literature, not because I affect the development of the company, the resignation of the company, good for me. My resignation one or two days to get the approval of the board of directors, I will also step down Shanda literature CEO, transferred to the company’s senior adviser.

the consultant not nominal, I will continue to pay attention to the grand literature, the physical condition permits, will put forward my own suggestions on the developing direction of Royal literature.

Shanda literature is a very important part of my life.

first, this is a new industry, in the past few years there has been a lot of growth, I was fortunate enough to experience and participate. Secondly, it is also an experience for me, this is a new thing, both at home and abroad there is a continuous learning to explore things. Fortunately, the board of directors and management team. Once again, Shanda literature has become a Chinese hair

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