Buy site negative growth continued to buy small and medium situation worrying

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buy site in March to reduce the 357 half time to reduce nearly a thousand

Admin5 station network April 24th news news yesterday, according to the latest data released by the group purchase navigation site 800 at the end of March, the domestic group purchase website of a total of 3269, compared to February again evaporated 357. As of December last year, the number of domestic buy site 3897, and in the first three months of the year, there will be a group of 628 to buy the site from the domestic market to buy disappear. This means that from the beginning of January, there are 200 monthly average buy site failures. From the March decline trend, the next few months, the trend of domestic buy site will continue. Conservative estimates, by June the number of domestic buy site is likely to fall below the 3500 mark.

from the 2010 Groupon mode in the world popular, and the official introduction of the country, the Chinese Internet is set off a burst of buying boom. Due to lower barriers to entry, the rapid growth of the industry, thousands of regiments staged. U.S. group, handle, Juhuasuan, etc. the emergence of a group buying site, really let people see the success of the group buying model in china. All kinds of group buying websites have sprung up, and a variety of financing news is frequently appeared in the major portals of Internet technology channel home. The birth of the small group buying website has become a model of the entrepreneurial case. However, most of the domestic buy site to copy the Groupon model imitation based. Lack of innovation operating strategy, a single profit model. With the homogenization of serious barbaric growth, most group purchase website continued to burn, difficult to profit. The regulatory mechanism of the lag also let the group purchase industry in "good faith", group purchase transaction complaints become the most concentrated areas of online shopping complaints, selling, run away phenomenon also emerge in an endless stream. Group purchase group purchase site in crisis, leading to make ends meet, coming out to be easy. Small and medium-sized group purchase, local group purchase station can not burn the operator to maintain, is "will come and go"

first-line buy site to further reduce the situation of small and medium buy worrying


last October is a watershed in the domestic buy industry. According to data released by the group 800, as of September 2011 the number of domestic buy site is still in a rising period. Investment in the field of group buying industry also contributed to promote the popularity of the buy site for some time. Group purchase originator Groupon with the Internet giant Tencent announced a high-profile group purchase website – create gaopeng. Wo Wo Group known as the industry’s largest round of financing, a total of $200 million. But from 2011 to October, the number of buy site began to slump. In September 2011 the number of domestic buy 5058,10 month fell to 4057, only a month there will be a group of 1000 buy site failures. From the group purchase website to embark on a sustained decline of no return. Investigate its reason, on the one hand, one thousand side homogenization serious competition is difficult to profit. Fake, fraud was exposed, the rapid decline in the credibility of reputation. The other party

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