What skills do a successful entrepreneur need to learn

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refused to mediocrity, life, need is colorful, life, need is to try. This is a special time to encourage innovation, there are a lot of money is willing to support innovation.

JonMorris is a Chicago digital marketing company founder and CEO, recently from his business experience, he shared the 5 entrepreneurs need to learn the skills:

1, choose the right industry

JonMorris recommended a Zappos of CEO, TonyHsieh wrote a book "pass happiness". This book describes how to create a Zappos before the Tony, how to create a company called LinkExchange, the company later sold to Microsoft for $265 million. Later, Tony did not know what to do to become a professional poker player.

Tony to study in Las Vegas is not his job to become the best poker player in the world, but to choose the appropriate table. If he sat here on the other 8 professional poker player, he will stand up and choose another table weaker rivals.

2, found a scalable way to marketing your business

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