What are the wholesale market commodity purchase skills

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operating a variety of small commodities, the market is very large, if you can do a good job in stock, make a profit is undoubtedly a positive thing. However, you want to do a good job related to the purchase, in fact, also need to grasp a certain purchasing skills. So, the wholesale market commodity purchase skills? Let Xiaobian for your analysis and analysis.

1, purchase wearing

wholesale market commodity purchase skills? To the station, the wholesale market well, it is a matter in all kinds of! But you must not think that when you go to the purchase of small commodities into what kind of ah does not matter. Although there is no specific requirements, but do not avoid wearing suits and fashion too dignified, and must not wear high-heeled shoes! How to say that the purchase is also a strength to live ah, wearing a walk are too unstable heels, do you expect people to take you when the goods? Of course, if you are in the regular customers, fixed store, see the style, make direct delivery except wholesalers.

suggestion: casual casual dress is better, usually jeans, big T-shirt, flat bottom or low with cool drag.

2, purchase tools

the magic weapon to win, a lot of predecessors have been introduced, it is effective, quickly write down. What are the skills of small commodity wholesale market? With a black plastic bag, but this is a sign to get the wholesale market ah! I have tried it, the boss looked at you, the price given is completely different. More perfect, in a plastic bag containing a little bit of their own clothes, pretending to have just got the goods in other homes, so that the basic can ask the real wholesale price. Of course, things do not too heavy, or tired oh!

wholesale market commodity purchase skills? If we are ready to purchase large, pull a two wheeled car is no doubt your identity, about 20 – 30 pieces of a kind (no way ah, now a lot of people to buy their own also known as goods, then buy one or two, wholesalers very depressed) < / p>

3, purchase terms

wholesale market commodity purchase skills? More common are: "how to get?" "How many?" "How much?".

if you really do not have a good grasp of these, it is better to say directly with the wholesalers, I am a new shop, not very familiar with the market, first look at your home.

then asked him, there is no introduction, the general wholesalers will say, after all, perhaps you will be a big customer!

and wholesalers will ask, where are you doing ah? How long? What about age? Some may ask, shop >

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