How to join Guo Guo Guo tofu brain

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Chinese tend to pursue careers in the taste of the food is a kind of traditional familiar taste, because taste can not only bring you pleasure on the tongue, can let you have a deep pursuit of memory. Bean curd brain, a specific organization in childhood memories. Moreover, bean curd is a kind of healthy food that everyone likes. Therefore, the operation of a tofu shop must be a good choice.

"Bevi Guo", as Chinese tofu curd restaurant chain leading brand, inherit the cultural heritage of the millennium, century old traditional reproduction. "Hundred flavor" that is, the integration of the "hundred taste", meaning a unique style, rich taste. "Guo" as the founder of the same name, "country", and the city subway Guo Guo Yi, in the hope that the traditional tofu curd as a starting point, to create a delicious and healthy traditional delicacy space, show the strong determination of Chinese traditional snacks will be bigger.

subway Guo stick with something, always adhere to the non GMO origin of Northeast soybean as raw material, the continuation of the traditional ancestral craft and modern science and technology and constantly improve the product structure. As of 2015, there are currently 9 brand stores, more than 60 stores, located in Qingdao, Ji’nan, Weifang, Zibo, Heze, Zhaoyuan, Linshu, Boxing, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi and other regions.

so how to join Guo Guo Guo tofu brain? Guo Guo tofu brain join process:

1. consulting by telephone, fax, visit, Internet access and other ways to understand the procedures and the details of the event, an appointment to visit the headquarters of the company.

investigation of the operation, and in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the business model and corporate culture.

2. application to receive and fill in the "join the chain of application form" and "franchise shop survey.

3. negotiate to submit the relevant information of the applicant and the franchisee and in-depth understanding of the relevant matters, timely interview.

4. evaluation and review of the headquarters for the location of the store to be assessed (photos or information), and the situation as a site inspection, assessment franchisee is in line with the franchisee conditions.

5. official agent signed the "contract" to pay the franchise fee.

6. set up shop to choose the shop, decoration construction, project acceptance, develop business plan and implement.

7. personnel training based on the content of the headquarters training system, comprehensive training.

8. opened marketing stores opened, the headquarters of the initial business guidance.

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