What knowledge need to open shop

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open shop, is the most modern people choose to shop brands and products seem already saturated, but for investors, as long as you have some basic knowledge, no matter what shop, still can harvest rich profit. The following basic knowledge, I hope to help you.

A, on the product

5: do not do the durable consumer goods; non repeat purchase of goods do not do; the gross profit is less than 50%; the advantages of resources to get scarce resources or not; the consumer group was too extensive, do not gather. Any product has a life cycle, from cultivation, growth, hot to go downhill, we should try to look for the rise of the product, do not advocate do selling products, unless there is a resource advantage, this is the network marketing and traditional channels of different. Taobao on the homogenization of competition in the business, the popular product price transparency, relatively few opportunities.

three, take a good photograph

picture is too poor, can not attract people; picture than Wumart, is not too good, easy to cause the buyer received the goods after the disappointment, so try to reflect the original appearance of the goods, as far as possible in natural light shooting background, the more simple the better, to bring out the goods, if the use of black background, easy to grab the goods in the limelight, scattered buyers attention, distracting. Of course, some props can make the goods have a sense of contrast, or create a mood, however, many buyers still recommend the best use or not, because the real people can not make good use of.

four, six sources

the wholesale purchase; II manufacturers; the large wholesalers; the fledgling wholesalers; the attention of foreign trade products or OEM; the backlog of inventory or buy clearance processing products.

five, commodity Qiao released

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