7 ten year old lady accidentally earned 6 million

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What is

project makes a 70 year old lady made about 6000000? Or she has what secret business method? It’s got to be our curiosity.

in prison after 7 years of Wu Shengming start again, 5 years to earn 6 million! Earlier commodity supply ability was far below demand, who can organize to goods, especially consumer goods, who will be able to get profit. The state still plans to allocate some of the shortage of goods. What are the good entrepreneurial projects, Wu Shengming turned his attention to the planned allocation of materials. In the summer of 1985, Wu Shengming cleared the relationship and got a plan to import 48 premium cars. According to the policy, Wu Shengming had no right to run a car. This is only a sale, she would profit 200 million yuan. At the same time, Wu Shengming in Fujian province to the value of 5 million 200 thousand yuan of high-grade fabrics.

Wu Shengming will this batch of cloth sold to Shanghai clothing manufacturers, and use the batch of fabric production clothing sales monopoly. What is a good start of the project, the source of this cloth is Taiwan, the state is based on the actual situation in Fujian Province, Fujian and Taiwan to allow the transaction of certain goods. Money in hand, but soon turned into handcuffs and shackles. Shanghai City Intermediate People’s court to the crime of smuggling and the crime of contract fraud crimes, Wu Shengming was sentenced to death. After an appeal, a year later, her high court commuted to life imprisonment.

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