Hangzhou held the first China Medical Entrepreneurs Conference

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in recent years, China has made a number of reform initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry has not a small impact. In the face of the future, the medical industry is in urgent need of innovation and entrepreneurship to find a new way out.

"I just bought Ali health stock, 12 yuan per share, is now 6 yuan per share." Pfizer China President Wu Xiaobin described the hardships of medical entrepreneurship. Because of the reasons for the industry center, he knows the industry pain points, even if the big companies are no exception, but how to solve these pain points, in the new situation will be groping and thinking.

and another China medical opportunities from the industry overall structural contradictions. CEIBS health management and Policy Research Center Director Cai Jiangnan said, the current health care system China two biggest pain points: one is to intensify the medical resources and services Pyramid upside down; two is the shortage of doctors and doctors waste of resources and contradictions. Doctor group may be an important attempt to solve the employment mechanism of doctors in china.

Innovation mode

If entrepreneurship is a journey, you should take a map. Yang Hongfei said that entrepreneurship Map is to allow entrepreneurs to understand their own projects in the country and even in the international arena in what position. "I’ve met a lot of entrepreneurs who say their projects are unique in china. But unfortunately, I’ve seen at least ten similar projects, and I’ve done better than him." Entrepreneurship Map disease as the center, covering three categories of drugs, equipment and services. Just enter a disease category, you can know how many companies in the field in the end is to do drugs, equipment or services. Through this tool, can help entrepreneurs innovation, find their place in the Map.

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