How to keep the customer open mutton soup Museum

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different personality, gender different customers, even into the same store, will have different performance. Some customers into the shop to sit up on a meal, so customers do not have to worry. But some of what the customer consumption are hesitant, which requires the operator can stabilize". So, how to keep customers open mutton soup Museum?

is the so-called "stable", in all cases, through the warm service, the mutton soup Museum to customers attracted to "Take things as they come., eat and walk, but also to try to eat well. When the value of the table, the general situation in the following circumstances need to be stable:

one is the customer into the shop, in the mutton soup hall door hesitant, want to go in and don’t want to go into; or into the hall after want to sit and don’t want to sit. Then they immediately went up and take the initiative to say hello, please the sit down, asked to understand customer requirements, then send recipes, sending tea etc.. Customers to be seated, if you have other things to do, to give customers a greeting again. To open the menu, and again serving other services in a relatively short period of time.

two is the customer into the hall after the mutton soup, see no eat dishes on the menu, going to the shop. At this point, it should also come forward to understand the customer’s taste requirements or other requirements and, as far as possible, try to be satisfied.

three is due to the customer’s waiting time is too long, some impatience and even go. At this time, mutton soup Museum operators should according to different situations, adopt different methods to stabilize the customer. If it is ordered to make complex procedures, or for more passengers, more vegetables do not come out, can provide customers with clear explanation, or recommend a cold dish, drink and other food, but also when the customer’s face, to walk or go to the kitchen dish member reminder reminder. In this way, the general can make customers safe.

a restaurant business in the end is good, not only related to their own food, but also related to services. In short, if you want to open a business hotpot soup hall, naturally need to master more business skills, so as to get more customer recognition, so as to earn more money.

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