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bakery franchise location how to get it? Many newcomers are not familiar with the location of the site, Xiaobian compiled some experience, I hope to help you. Shop location on the need to investigate the surrounding environment, comprehensive factors to analyze the pros and cons of the site, the following tips to share, purely reference recommendations.

skills a: see people flow. The final decision on the flow of store revenue. The real support shops are fixed flow, followed by the flow of people, passenger flow (bus, subway station).

tips two: peripheral traffic facilities. Ideally the shops or commercial markets should have accepted all kinds of visitors (purchasing power) of the traffic facilities, the surrounding shops have rail transit, bus station, also has a parking lot.

skills three: look at the prospects of commercial business environment. Consider the development of commercial property investment vision. There are some seemingly berth location is more, although the rent is low, businesses are hard to find, but when the time is ripe, you can store higher purchase price sold several times.

skills four: grasp the investment opportunity. Generally speaking, the economic situation is good, business climate, business profit is higher than the social average profit, this period may not be the right time to invest in commercial shops, developed areas or commercial prosperity period, investors shops location space is very small, and the cost is very high. Conversely, in the development potential of the region, the business climate has not yet or is in the formation of the right time to invest in shops.

bakery franchise site also needs to be taken seriously, in general, the choice of a number of relatively new areas, or shopping malls, schools and other places are very good. You have to look at the specific investment location of the project, only a clear understanding of some of the important issues, the site will be a lot easier, learn quickly.

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