List of the most promising environmental projects in 2012

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is now the investment market, environmental protection project is an emerging market, a market full of Chaoyang, a hidden wealth market, 2012, what are the most promising environmental protection projects, see network Xiaobian bring you the 2012 the most promising market environmental protection projects list.


NO.1 Huaneng holy building materials

Huaneng building materials will bring huge profits to holiness, industry is profiteering! In the era of rapid development of science and technology, welding has successfully completed its own transformation, China has become the world’s largest producer of welding materials. According to the State Department of industry statistics, China’s annual demand for welding electrodes up to 15 million tons, while the actual output of less than 1 million tons. Market gap is widening, and prices remain high, the product supply is tight, according to the trend of development, Huaneng holy building materials to predict the future demand for welding rods will be hundreds of times more growth.

hood cleaning appliances: housekeeper lampblack machine cleaning, using advanced cleaning equipment and supporting tools, combined with the cleaning agent oil super decontamination ability, thorough cleaning of lampblack machine, lampblack machine does not damage the whole, realize the true sense of the cleaning!

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