To do so, an ordinary cup can be sold to 2000 yuan

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the same product, the same appearance, the price is very different, why? What are the marketing tips? Make a simple example, how to sell an ordinary cup to 2000 yuan? Don’t be surprised, it’s true.

1, the use of the value of the product itself, can only sell 3 yuan /

if you will just be a regular cup, placed in the general store, with ordinary sales methods, perhaps it can only sell 3 yuan of money, may also encounter a shop next door to the boss cut strokes off the dark strokes, this is not a tragic ending value innovation.

2, the cultural value of the product to sell, you can sell 5 yuan /

if you design it as the most popular style this year’s cup, can sell 5 yuan. The next door shop boss price strokes of the dark strokes also can not be estimated, because you have a cup of culture, directed at this culture, consumers are willing to pay more, which is the cultural value of the product innovation.

3, the brand value of the product to sell, you can sell 7 yuan /

if you paste it on the famous brand label, it can sell 6, 7 yuan. Next door shop 3 yuan / call rang again useless, because your cup is a brand of things, almost everyone is willing to pay for the brand, which is the brand value of the product innovation.

4, the combined value of the product to sell, sell 15 yuan /, no problem

if you put three cups all made cartoon, combined into a cup of warm and elegant suit with the family package, the name of "I love my family, a father called cup, a cup of a name is called love, innocence cup, selling 50 yuan a group of no problem. The next shop is 3 yuan / hoarse useless, a child will pull a mother to buy your "I love my family" family portrait. This is the value innovation of product portfolio.

5, the extension of the sale of products, the value of the function to sell 80 yuan /, absolutely

if you suddenly found that this glass material was made of magnetic material, then I help you dig out the magnetic therapy and health care function of it, selling 80 yuan / absolutely can. This time the next boss estimates are called 3 yuan / feel shy, who do not believe 3 yuan / cup will have magnetotherapy and health care function, which is the product of the extension of value innovation.

6, the market value of products sold, selling 188 yuan / right, nor is it not

if you will have the function of magnetic therapy health care cup printed on your twelve zodiac, and ready for fashion lovers gift set, named "in pairs" or "for the birthday, enduring as the universe" lovers, sell a 188 yuan /, definitely want to buy each other for what birthday gift and young people the headache after paying back also did not forget to say "thank you", this is the product.

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