Jingdong express Spring Festival is not a holiday, put together 75 million employees children

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technology news news January 18th, 2017 Spring Festival is approaching, the Jingdong announced that the group will invest about 75 million yuan, the staff for their posts during the Spring Festival will support children received around the past year. It is understood that the "special benefit in our celebration at the Jingdong introduced since the 2014 Spring Festival, the Jingdong to put up a total of 200 million yuan, a total of more than 20000 employees to help family reunion of the spring festival.

from 2013 onwards, in order to satisfy the consumer demand for shopping, the Jingdong launched the first "Spring Festival closing" initiatives, this year is to increase the "Spring Festival is not closing the service efforts, the 110 city of the ordinary self orders, 446 city and county in order, 69 city of fresh cold chain order during the Spring Festival will continue uninterrupted production and distribution services for users, which means that this year the Spring Festival will be tens of thousands of employees of the Jingdong need to adhere to work.

Most of the employees of

Jingdong from the countryside, they have to work together with their children, not many opportunities, thanks to the Spring Festival to staff, but also to warm for the employees in the home left children send, Liu Qiang East CEO Jingdong group in 2014 launched the "I personally celebrated" special welfare project in Jingdong for the first, the staff of "family reunion subsidies", 3000 yuan for each child, a child of 6000 yuan, employees will be used to support the children received around the new year together.

over the years, Jingdong has been constantly concerned about and enhance the level of front-line staff welfare. Jingdong is the logistics industry, few employees on five social insurance and one housing fund business, in addition, Jingdong employees provide accident and injury insurance and welfare annual health examination, this year is the examination upgrade, increase inspection items for front-line staff orientation of different jobs. At the same time, employees also enjoy subsidies, including the night moved more than 30 kinds of welfare subsidies and subsidies, cold summer holiday barn stand together through storm and stress subsidies, subsidies and other special areas such as Tibet, condolences. Jingdong also through love rescue fund, I went to college in Jingdong and other employee care policies and measures to protect the lives of employees, family and career growth.

currently, Jingdong has a total of nearly 120 thousand employees. (Allen)

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