A resignation to open a beauty salon entrepreneurial process

by admin

can’t have everything in life, in the face of this frustration, people get disheartened, think that this is the abyss; while others regard it as another kind of experience of life, positive enterprising, always maintain a healthy state of mind. The following small series to introduce you to resign a business, the successful opening of a beauty salon process.

from her daily arrangement, really busy and tired, this is physically, the economy is also an account, like a lot of pressure on the body. 4 beautician a month’s salary spending at least 10 thousand yuan, a year is 120 thousand. If the 110 thousand investment in front of the cost of the recovery of 3, 4 years, the need to recycle at least $30 thousand a year, so that the annual operating costs of about $150 thousand. Friends said that the requirements are not high, can earn 4 or $5 thousand a month, and a concept of working. In this way, the beauty salon a year of beauty water needs 200 thousand, in order to achieve the normal operation of beauty salons and her wage goal.


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