What happens after opening

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said that although each owner wants to truly realize the shop business is hot in after the opening, but in the actual operation of the process always because of various would lead to a variety of conditions. So, what is easy to open up the situation? What are the reasons for these situations?

first, after the opening of two kinds of business:

The opening of

if the business is very good, it is because the new store opened, customers fresh figure, some friends guest, so will be better; if not, it is because people don’t know, visibility is not high enough, but all the stores will have problems, it is important to know what the problem is where is the!

two, customers come in less:

this is because the location is not very good, or advertising is not enough. If it is late in the store to enter the customer less, it is a significant store operations.

three: customers to buy more, buy less:

there are three possibilities, one is the product grade is not what he needs; the two is the high price; the product is not complete enough for three.

four: grade is also a moderate grade, the product is complete, the price is also suitable for customers to buy less:


is a salesperson, the baby is a consumer guide to the industry, our sales guide her, if the salesperson does not know that customers will only buy guide, she wanted to buy the product, so the final amount or not go.

five, the product is complete, the price is good, service attitude is also very good, but it is not only fast turnover growth:

this is because the details of things is not good, than as usual and contact customers, often a change of product placement.

six, all things are done, but always not enough competitiveness:

this is because the focus of the operation of the product is not clear, the sky stars, the lack of the moon, can not find a breakthrough.

these problems believe that many shops have encountered, in fact, for any one shop, the problem is not terrible, terrible is not know how to solve. In short, if you want to keep your shop business has been booming, if these circumstances arise, but also need to be resolved in a timely manner oh.

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