Xinjiang start Youth Entrepreneurship Week to build entrepreneurs exchange platform

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Xinjiang region as the gathering place of ethnic minorities, has been the focus of attention of the Chinese government. In the current "encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation" era, Xinjiang youth has a new development opportunities, with entrepreneurial change their life and contribute to the construction of hometown.

to boost confidence of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang youth entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship and employment of various elements together exchanges docking, "Xinjiang Youth Employment Service Week" 23 days to start, as youth hit off the exchange platform.

the employment service week to guide youth entrepreneurship to employment as the goal, for the young entrepreneurs, investors, government park set up a platform to obtain needed information and resources, so as to establish and promote youth entrepreneurship and employment and training system, to guide and help the majority of young people in employment training. To enhance entrepreneurship in employment, promote the coordinated development of economy and society in Xinjiang.

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