Wine agent technology sharing

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wine market prospect is good, wine is also more and more popular. If you want to join the agency business, you need to learn a lot of business skills. Including store location, decoration, etc. need to be taken seriously. Xiaobian summed up the relevant experience, I hope to bring more profit protection businesses.

has good position will have a far-reaching impact on business performance Wine agents, Wine agent to join the popular fan needs a good address, CO brand and investors operated by the selected location, the location is good for investors to consider whether the site management of the project to meet the needs of the relevant the people of the region. In general it is good place People are hurrying to and fro., places to shop, but not many places for the shop, according to the different direction of investment, entrepreneurs should understand passers by age and sex, to understand the pedestrians from the peak time and scarce time. Once again to understand the purpose of the pedestrian and stay time.

and store design focuses on the space, including the area and height. The feeling of space is very important, it is the first feeling of consumers into the store, can not be too crowded, it can not seem to swing the space. Many investors believe that the area is of course better, but the size of the area and the rent directly linked, but now the store price is not a lot of difference, we think, we should do in the site.

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