Does not comply with the 7 independent entrepreneurial performance

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everyone wants to get rich, everyone wants to get rich through entrepreneurship to achieve the goal, but it is not suitable for everyone to walk the road of entrepreneurship, if you meet the following 7 kinds of performance, then forget entrepreneurial idea, just do the business!

1, do you think playing fantasy sports or card games at work time is "my time".

when income and profit is still a distant dream, you will not have my time". It’s important to start a company, it takes all the energy and time. To start thinking, change my time into how you think about how to generate income.

2, do you think office personalization is very important.

you dream of an office or a larger office, you hope this office can reflect your personality. For example, you want to open a restaurant, because customers will never see your office, it should reflect the only thing is to achieve the purpose of the means". Qian Yongyuan shouldn’t be spent where customers can’t reach. You are busy with getting and pleasing customers, and you don’t have time to worry about whether your office is in the right place or in your personality.

3, when you take out the trash, you do not put all their garbage out.

4, you feel you can be more productive if you can use a new technology, such as the latest technology…….

5, you are still angry at the fact that the employees in your department were treated in the financial cycle for the last time.

unless venturecapitalist to aid or your parents can provide start-up money for you, or you don’t really have a budget. The money you spend doesn’t come from a company that makes money, but from your own pocket. If you despise the use of limited resources to start, if you hate your great idea because of budget problems and compromise, when you find one for entrepreneurs how resources are limited, you will also hate business of your company.

6, you fill >

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