Xining City Vehicle Administration issued new regulations after several rankings on closed

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private cars increasing, driving more and more people, it is understood that the occupation, city transportation, police academy three driving through the low rate of vehicle management of Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau issued new regulations: many times ranking will be closed.

July 14th, according to the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau vehicle administration director introduction, from January to June this year, driving a test subject in the number of 23316 people, 14332 people qualified, unqualified 8984, the qualified rate was 59.38%; two Zhuangkao examination subjects a total of 19349 participants, 12478 were qualified, unqualified 6871 people. The passing rate of 64.2%; nine exams, a total of 20382 people, 12171 people qualified, unqualified 8211, the passing rate of 58.5%; three test subjects a total of 16605 participants, 14656 were qualified, unqualified 1949, the qualified rate of 90%.

by the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau vehicle management regulation, Xining 23 driving training qualified rate of drivers has increased, but some of the driving training students still fail to pass a number of examinations. In order to improve the level of driving school in Xining, from the roots to reduce the irresponsible attitude of instructors, Xining City Public Security Bureau vehicle management informed the first half of this year ranked three in the top three driving. Among them, the last is the first professional driving school, the total total pass rate of 60.925%, while the last two of the city’s driving school and the last third of the driving rate of the police station were 62%.

it is understood that the ranking system has just been carried out when the city of Xining is the worst driving through rate is only 50%, and now the rate has increased by 10 percentage points, such as the ranking by the Tongda dribing school are among the top ten, the new regulations can improve the overall quality of the provincial capital of the school. The new regulations issued by the vehicle administration, ranking all driving results, ranking will be closed after several times.


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