n 2016 the province’s college entrance examination enrollment in -10 on December 1st

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November 16th, the reporter learned from the provincial admissions, the province in 2016 common entrance examination enrollment on December 1st -10. Foreign high school graduates to stay after the holiday to account for the location of admissions enrollment, art class candidates are required to sign up.

registration is the responsibility of the admissions test. Hukou in high school state (county) of the high school graduates, the school registration trial, and then by the district admissions review; high school graduates across the province area (counties), back to the residence admissions registration (graduates in the four areas of Xining city in Hukou secondary school enrollment); high school graduates and foreign student high school graduates to the account where the state and county (District) admissions registration.

in the province of high school graduates are not allowed to register in the non domicile; previous high school graduates are not allowed to apply for a secondary school or graduated from the secondary school enrollment; the provincial high school graduates are not allowed to apply for secondary school in the province. Otherwise will cancel the examination or admission qualifications.

The same

candidates in different areas of repeated applications will be disqualified.

apply for "counterpart Vocational" fresh graduates in the school by the school is responsible for the unified registration, qualification examination, by the school district Zhaoban review and arrange the examination room; previous graduates to account for the location of Zhaoban registration.

candidates are required to provide the application materials: proof of residence booklet, identity card, school (whether the high school graduates, high school test is finished, all the subjects can graduate), the parent unit (proof in green college entrance qualification review). Previous students that also provide cram school (review at home by parents units issued in the province, in previous years) participated in the college entrance examination records (including registration, qualification, high school exam, high school transcript archives paper material).

registration site to collect candidates for electronic photos (bareheaded, half body, white background, color, document format). No copy photos, photos, paste is prohibited for parents to provide them to learn no copy photos. For college admission during the summer, as the best candidates to display the image, a single camera. The acquisition of electronic photos to them, and the high school outside the high school registration form, registration database pictures check, inconsistent by false (filling) for processing. In the entrance examination in the event of false (charge), by the district Zhaoban responsible.

was admitted to college freshmen with ID card number registration, candidates to fill in, careful proofreading, otherwise it will result in inconsistent information on academic qualifications, can not be a normal graduate and many other issues.


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