Wang Guosheng stressed the importance of speeding up the healthy development of Qinghai and improvin

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10 19, the provincial health and health conference held. The National Conference on health and the spirit of the general assembly, the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech as a guide, I summarize the provincial health and health career development achievements and experience, the deployment of health and health work under the new situation, mobilize the whole province to comprehensively promote the healthy construction of Qinghai. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng attended and spoke, governor Hao Peng speech, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee presided over by the Deputy Secretary of the CPC, the provincial Party Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over.

Wang Guosheng in his speech on behalf of the provincial government, to the long-term struggle in the health and health front of the broad masses of cadres and workers and medical workers, pay tribute and heartfelt thanks. He pointed out that in recent years, the province comprehensively deepen the reform of the medical and health system, and promote the work of health services in various fields, health and health care capacity significantly improved, the health of the masses has improved significantly. In the protection of people’s health in the process, all levels of health and health workers to perform their duties responsibly, hard work, especially in the face of major infectious disease threats against major natural disasters, courage and self sacrifice, won the praise of society as a whole.

pointed out that it is necessary to understand the situation, unify their thinking and understanding, and effectively enhance the sense of urgency to build a healthy sense of Qinghai. General secretary Xi Jinping made an important speech at the National Conference on health and health for the development of health and health under the new situation, pointing out the direction of the healthy development of China opened a new journey. We should deeply understand, grasp the system, fully implement. The relationship between health and the cause of the relationship between modernization and consolidate the process of new Qinghai construction of the party’s ruling foundation, relationship, we must proceed from Qinghai to build a new strategic level, a profound understanding of the importance and urgency of health and health work, and enhance the sense of mission. Party committees and governments at all levels should study and implement the national health and the spirit of the general assembly and the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai important speech closely together, the full implementation of the "four major solid", adhere to the people’s health strategic priority, in order to promote healthy living, optimization of health services, health care, improve the construction of health the environment, the development of the health industry as the focus, accelerate the construction of health in Qinghai, to complete the construction of a well-off society and lay a solid foundation for a harmonious and healthy rich civilized and beautiful new Qinghai, a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream Qinghai chapter.

wangguosheng stressed that to adhere to prevention, pay more attention to health promotion, and comprehensively improve the level of people’s health. The full implementation of the principle of prevention, the whole population, focus on comprehensive, around the whole cycle, the implementation of joint prevention and control, prevention and control, comprehensive prevention and control, promote the health policy into global health services throughout the entire process, and the benefit of health and well-being of people, from the source to reduce health hazards. Health education, health promotion and healthy development. The formulation and implementation of health education and health promotion planning, improve the health education and health promotion system, promote the overall development of the "Qinghai province national health literacy promotion action plan (2014-2020)", a breakthrough in improving health literacy on the people of all ethnic groups. Major diseases, key populations, key areas;

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