Steam moon cake to listen to flowers to see the show…… The first Xining City North District Rura

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Colorful butterfly wings to fly, beautiful and bright flowers in early puberty – these have great originality, the exquisite beyond compare graphically presented in a big cake, is unable to hide greeds.

taste the traditional big moon cake, listen to the authentic flowers, watch the farming culture show, enjoy the wonderful old movie. In September 28th, the North District of Xining city town Baoziwan fun agricultural park crowded, unusually lively.

from Xining city district government, District Animal Husbandry Bureau, North Water Baoziwan Town People’s government, the north area of Xining Township interest held agricultural science and technology limited company have jointly organized the "motherland welcome birthday, celebrate the autumn harvest" Chengbei District first township moon cake festival held here interesting delicacy.

"delicious moon cake steamed bun!" Heard that the moon cake festival held here, Ms. Wang came early, see rustic garden inside a circle into the hand big moon cake, Ms. Wang le. She said that when she was a child every Mid Autumn Festival to eat mother made big moon cake, in recent years, although the exquisite packaging of luxury moon cake, but also can not forget the taste of the big moon cake.

"it’s hot out of the pot. Come and have a taste."." Tao Bei villagers day of the 48 hospitality is not lit up, they resorted to exhaust all the skills to fully demonstrate their skills, and will be a pot of steaming pot good big cake end to village beside the stage. Large, small, floral, animal, special, colorful. The big moon cake is diced for rural citizens, affinity to taste, to hear praise, their music open arms, bag hastily removed, packed moon cake for diners.

rural agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the Bao Bao told reporters that the province has a unique folk custom of Qinghai’s large moon cake. Qinghai is the unique moon cake face art exquisite and rich cultural connotation, making moon cake, to join the red koji, tonka, Jiang Huang in the flour, edible pigment, and oil. After a layer of the package, so steamed cakes taste colored, fragrant and. But the most exquisite place also lies in the various decorate big moon cake on the ingenuity of the women with a flower, animal figurines and other patterns, with the big moon cake, the moon cake Qinghai colorful, exquisite beyond compare. When the Mid Autumn Festival, relatives and neighbors will exchange moon cake to communicate feelings.

taste of moon cake, watch dance performances of a warm atmosphere; visit the 60s and 70s Vintage hand telephone, CD machine, enamel mug and folk opera performances drew loud applause from the audience; rural photography exhibition and nostalgic old movies led people to stop……

north of the city Bureau of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and Fishery Bureau, the person in charge, the moon cake food street, is a direct manifestation of the north of the city leisure agriculture development. Hold the moon cake festival to Baoziwan region to build leisure agriculture demonstration zone and Xining city garden, a good place for vacation. With modern facilities of leisure agriculture Baoziwan area of agriculture and city change rapidly development and the leading role of the demonstration, fusion of beautiful natural pastoral scenery and folk customs, the simple combination of traditional Mid Autumn Festival moon cake production delicacy method, show the North farmers in the construction of socialist new countryside;

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