Province issued an urgent notice requiring the provincial units to actively participate in the creat

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At present, Xining city is actively involved in the national civilized city evaluation index 2012 annual welcome inspection work, Xining city will be in this evaluation as a representative of Qinghai Province, a comprehensive display of "Qinghai civilization" construction level. In September 1st, the provincial organs and the Provincial Civilization Office issued an emergency notice, requiring provincial organs and units, window industry units, the national and provincial civilized unit and the central unit in Qingdao, to support and actively participate in Xining, welcome inspection work, to play an exemplary role, to create and contribute to the civilization of Xining city.

notification requirements, each unit should play an exemplary role in carry out cleaning activities in the family circle. To organize the cadres and workers in the area where the units or residential communities to participate in environmental sanitation cleaning activities, to guide the cadres and workers in Xining to improve the level of civilization as a master". At the same time, the units should take the lead in the implementation of environmental health responsibility system, centralized organization of cadres and workers of the unit within and around the house to carry out clean home remediation activities, keep clean and tidy inside and outside the unit. According to the requirement of the national civilized city, the unit office and family courtyard environmental sanitation, social security comprehensive management to conduct a comprehensive investigation to find the hidden dangers of environmental check dead, and immediately rectification, ensure the workplace neat and orderly, harmonious and stable. At the same time, to actively participate in volunteer service activities to play an exemplary role. Actively participate in volunteer service traffic and public green space conservation volunteer service activities, promote and guide the masses of people to further enhance the consciousness of love green green.

in addition, should play an exemplary role in education and guide workers in civilization. The national and provincial civilized units in Xining must set up the moral lecture hall, and do a good job in preparing for the examination. At the same time, each unit should make full use of all kinds of propaganda and publicity carrier, civilized advertisements and civilized manners, to further expand the masses of the people of the city civilization construction awareness, support rate and satisfaction rate.  

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