With the weight of their duties in the service of the people

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October 29th, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong to the three strict three special education point of contact in the north area of North City, guiding the three strict three special education seminar.

Strict to use the right around the "

north area of four leading comrades, do solid work, real life to do poineering work, establish a loyal, clean, as a new image" theme, combined with personal ideas and practical work, exchange ideas, share experiences, revealing problems, analyze the reasons and specific measures. We all agreed that the need to have the right to use the martial law, according to the law in accordance with the law, the right to close the cage in the system, not the red line, not more than the rules, the right to do the right people, the right to use for the people.

on "the right to use the strict" theme, combined with the four leaders of the speech, Zhang Xiaorong on the city north three strict three education activities gave a positive assessment, and leading comrades learn to relive the wonderful elaborate party secretary Wang Xiao in the Research Committee of the three three real strict special seminar on strict with the weight in "how you think, how to use the" strict. And the message to North District Party cadres three strict three real education thoughts into harvest behavior guidelines and direction, lay a solid ideological foundation for the North development.

Zhang Xiaorong pointed out that the power source to the people, must be for the people, how to use the power, must be of regulations, Party members and cadres at all levels should consciously take disciplinary rules quite in the front, strictly abide by Party discipline, so the hearts of law, legal, law-abiding will speak.

Zhang Xiaorong stressed that the north area of all Party members and cadres must go with the right to perform their duties for the people, to put the three strict three education activities reflected in the results of entrepreneurial life, to carry out all aspects of economic and social development, do, teach that. To make full use of the existing development basis and conditions, in the adjustment of industrial structure, accelerate the transformation of the city, ecological environment protection efforts, vigorously develop high-tech industries, build innovation and entrepreneurship gathering area, accelerate the pace of city construction, improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of urban ecological environment, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, cultivating pleasant livable. To do the work in the forefront of the spirit and practice, to promote the development of the north to make a new.


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