Public Memorandum Xining 42 bus to the 3419 plant

by admin

learned from the Xining public transport company, from yesterday, the 42 bus to restore the road leading to the factory of the 3419.

it is understood that the 42 bus just opened, the starting point for Shangri-La, the end of the plant for the 3419. Later, because the parking lot and other problems, 42 bus terminal to the Xining Municipal People’s Hospital in the third. In January 13th, residents in the vicinity of 3419 factory requirements, Xining city traffic bureau, Baoziwan Town, north of the city zone of Xining city bus company responsible for factory and 3419 convenient for residents to travel, specially held about 42 bus lines leading to the 3419 plant will be coordinated recovery. After consultation, decided to resume the 42 bus route to the plant, the plant is responsible for providing the way to turn around the road bus 42, the room and the driver of the rest of the rest, drinking water, toilets and other convenient conditions for the 3419, and so on, the company will be able to return to the 3419.


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