Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department, ten activities to serve the people

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In order to enhance organizational departments and cadres of the fine level, since this year, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to carry out a comprehensive close ties with the masses, serve the grassroots cadres as the main content of the "ten" activities, effectively promote the cadres to practice as a social class, thanks to the people as a teacher, effectively change the style of work, improve the level of work efficiency, establish a good image of the cadres.

since March this year, Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the cadres out of the office, the grassroots and the masses, zero distance contact, face-to-face communication, listen to their opinions and suggestions, a detailed understanding of their thoughts, needs, and sorrow, hope to carry out extensive contact with the masses, serve the grassroots activities. In the activity, the division of the Ministry of organs for the eight Party branch group, each group "to contact a village, a village Party branch secretary, a poor households, a party, a difficult college-graduate village official and a community, a non-public economic organizations of the party organization, to participate in a household survey, to solve a specific problem, writing a research report", set up a leading group, formulate the implementation plan, effective and orderly promotion activities.

since Activities Department of the leadership team members and the offices responsible comrades lead grassroots, take the lead in contact with the masses, take the lead to carry out research, take the lead to solve the problem, take the lead in writing research reports and the "diary", give full play an exemplary role. In charge of leadership and leadership team to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the activities of the ten one, regularly carry out inspections and comments on the activities of Party members. Department of Party members and cadres in the premise of insisting that the action is not constant, combined with the actual creation of their own actions, and strive to innovative activities, in-depth and lasting. Department of the party members and cadres went to the fields, into the Community streets, in-depth factory garage, village to go home, visit condolences, talk talk, zero distance contact, face-to-face communication, sincerely listen to their voices, understand the wishes of the masses, listen to their opinions and suggestions, through photos, write diary and to participate in community activities, carry out investigation form, communicate with the contact point units of cadres and the masses together.

the activities of a total of 43 party members and cadres to participate in the work, a total of 8 contact the village, the community of the 8, the enterprise of 8, the difficulties of the masses of the masses of the people of the party, the village, the Party branch secretary of the college students, college students, the village of 8 people, a total of 16. Accumulated under the countryside, communities, businesses 50 times, visited the masses of more than 300 people, writing a diary of the people of the journal, Writing Research Report of 8 articles in the 120. At the same time, the party organization department actively coordinating Municipal Bureau of SMG, the implementation of the special relief fund 360 thousand yuan, Huangzhong County Lan Long Kou Zhen ban Zhong Ying Cun culture stage; carry out condolences activities 2 times, a total of 21000 yuan, to help solve the difficulties associated village more than 40.


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