Xining to Datong bus line officially opened

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  in August 18th, the Xining Datong bus line officially opened, marking the Xining county to three all pass on the bus line, bus line covering three counties, to facilitate the travel of the masses, accelerate the economic development of three counties to work very well with the urban and rural areas.

officially opened the Xining Datong bus line route for Datong bus station – ning Zhang highway – Xining Chaoyang Road – Qilian road – Menyuan road – Xining Railway Station; vehicles equipped with double door 77 buses; departure time and mode for the first class at 6:30, 19:30 at the end of the class, the frequency interval of 5 minutes, by both the originating station of two-way; for the one-way fare tariffs for 6 yuan / person, midway station 15, the implementation of segmented pricing, namely four station 1 yuan, 2 yuan, six stations nine stations, ten stations and 5 yuan more than 6 yuan.

in recent years, although the city continues to expand the scale of rural trade circulation increases, farmers increased travel demand, convenient, safe, fast and economical bus, urban and rural residents has become the urgent need of transportation travel. Therefore, efforts to promote the integration of urban and rural public transportation process, bus line and high-speed passenger lines parallel through three counties, three counties of the convenience of passenger travel, especially convenient traffic conditions for the economic development of three counties.

‘s bus line opened, is the municipal government to fully implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, building a new socialist countryside, promoting strong deepening of social and economic development, is also the city traffic bureau to create "harmonious traffic, smooth traffic, traffic civilization", and strive to enhance the quality of urban and rural bus services, to do a comprehensive embodiment of the "three services" that marks the integration of urban and rural public transport work in Xining entered a new stage, will be the integration of public resources, promote urban and rural economic development, to promote the comprehensive construction of new socialist countryside play.


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