Xining city education system to properly arrange disaster stricken Students

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Xining city education system

Xining city education system work together

properly placed disaster stricken students


According to the

province relocated students in Yushu disaster area of deployment and requirements, the morning of September 18th, 248 students from the Yushu disaster safely arrived in Xining and are properly placed. Among them, 170 students placed in small and Datong Datong third national middle school, 49 junior students placed second in Huangzhong, 29 students placed in Huangyuan third.

to do a good job of the students in the disaster area of the resettlement work, let the students in the disaster area to ease study, the city’s education system, actively coordinate the preparation, careful deployment, in the lack of education resources under the condition of special free schools, classrooms, the purchase of the corresponding supporting life and learning activities, and arrange with the discipline of excellent teachers and other special reception for the students in the disaster area. At the same time, the school will organize psychological counseling and other activities, so that students adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, better learning and growth in Xining.



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