Xining 300 thousand migrant workers earn $1 billion 200 million a year last year

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last year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of labor and social security in the organization of local labor and the nearest place of employment at the same time, continue to increase the three county migrant workers migrant workers efforts, actively organize the transfer of rural labor employment guide. Last year, a total of more than 30 farmers in Xining migrant workers to earn money, labor income of 1 billion 215 million yuan.

it is understood that last year, affected by the economic crisis, many of the city’s migrant workers returning home early, the Municipal Department of labor to help migrant rural labor to solve the difficult problem of migrant workers in three counties, has organized more than 1900 people went to Nuo Muhong Haixizhou farm picking medlar, nearly 6000 people went to Xinjiang to pick up cotton; at the same time, according to my last year there are many characteristics of construction projects outside the province, the national key investment projects and park construction projects, encourage and support all kinds of labor units to absorb the rural labor force in the region, to consolidate and expand the local labor force nearby employment, re employment of migrant workers to solve the problem. Huangzhong County Xin Zhuang Zhen responsible for the export of labor services Ma Yuming said before the Xinzhuang migrant workers operating mainly in the restaurant, they every year to Jiangsu, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Tibet and other places to engage in business, with the construction of Huangzhong County Ganhetan Industrial Park, there is the phenomenon of migrant workers back, many people are in the back the door to start a business, "their lives are getting better."


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