The city plans to set up color bike lanes

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To further improve the four session of the thirteen CPPCC key proposal "on the increase of bike lanes, advocate low carbon travel proposal" for the implementation of the work, recently, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Secretary of municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department Liu Fade and CPPCC supervision on the proposal. Liu Fade and his party heard the report of the urban and Rural Planning Bureau for the handling of the report, the difficulties and problems existing in the management of the work and the exchange of views. It is understood that the urban and Rural Planning Bureau, combined with the actual Xining, completed the "city walking and bike lane system planning", planning to set slow traffic special line, along the river side of the mountain, the use of natural and artificial corridor, planning and construction of bicycle lanes, bicycle storage point, pedestrians rest facilities, formed around the "green travel planning channel six Sanhe shore". Xining city overall planning of urban and Rural Planning Bureau Liao Kun introduction, this year the city with the airport landscape renovation project, start building Kitayama beautiful park greenway projects, future planning in accordance with the gradual implementation of the Beichuan Wetland Park to Huangli fun park section, Nanshan park to nine spring section of Green Road, green ecological environment for the public. At the same time, in order to solve the traffic problems of bicycle riders, with Shanghai and residents travel characteristics, relying on urban roads, urban and Rural Planning Bureau to complete the preparation of "planning" bicycle lanes. The conditions in the Sea Lake Road, 71 road and other roads designated non motorized vehicles, set fences, traffic signs and other facilities, ensure the exclusive right of way of the bicycle, and the bicycle road surface laying paint color, facilitate identification. The city CPPCC member Chen Jianjun as a sponsor, said very satisfied, on the proposal for the proposal sponsor he said, attaches great importance to the study of the proposal, reply to the proposal are very serious and meticulous, satisfactory to handle the situation.  

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