North of the city continue to strengthen grassroots organizations to enhance the level of service to

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one is to strengthen the ideological and style building as the focus, efforts to improve the ideological and political quality of Party members and cadres. The requirements of leading cadres at all levels of consciousness to strengthen party concept, always sober and firm, strictly abide by the party’s political discipline, organization and discipline and work discipline, on major issues of principle are divided, the test stand at a critical moment. Broaden the field of learning, improve their theoretical literacy, knowledge and business skills to better meet the needs of economic and social development. To maintain the noble moral character, model to comply with social ethics, professional ethics and family virtues. We should vigorously promote the "one person, I am ten," the spirit of hard work, the time to grasp the real work as the primary responsibility, lay down their bodies, the grassroots level, the work of the measures developed more effective. Resolutely implement the courage to tackle tough, really tough action. To deeply understand the Qiang Wei Secretary "two letter" spirit, according to the promotion of cadres contact service masses of grass-roots work, often grassroots and the masses, actively learn from the masses to ask, listen carefully to the opinions of the masses, and strive to improve the ability to control the complex situation in practice, to cope with various difficulties, emotionally and true people always at heart, the cadres of the "hard index enhance the people’s happiness index".  

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