Huangyuan County People’s court to build learning team

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Huangyuan County People’s court attaches great importance to the construction of court culture from the aspects of behavioral culture, spiritual culture, justice for the people’s culture, system culture, honest and clean government culture and the construction of learning courts. The court culture construction has achieved remarkable results, in 2006 won the "national advanced unit of court culture construction, in 2010 won the first batch of" national court culture demonstration unit "title in 2012 by the Supreme People’s court awarded the" national model court "award.

in recent years, Huangyuan County People’s Court of "talent training plan", strengthen the training of legal personnel, management personnel, three young cadres reserve team, guide all the judges through the study of enhancing judicial capacities and improve the judicial level, establish and improve the incentive mechanism, introduced a series of preferential policies to support the Secretary to participate in the administration of justice the exam. The founder of "everyone said · arrangements for the annual forum, judge out the study or invite well-known experts and scholars to the police for lectures and discussion, exchange experience, established a library and cultural center, the purchase of books, periodicals with.


for the past three years, Huangyuan County People’s court police Writing Research Article 84, by the "Qinghai trial" propaganda "Xining" "Xining" and other publications using 39 yuan, one of which won the national outstanding award, two provincial outstanding award.

in recent years, Huangyuan County People’s court has never occurred in the illegal overtime hearing cases, court sentencing rate as high as 70%; civil and commercial cases in a month which accounted for 72%; the average annual rate of 93.7% for the simple procedure, the basic realization of the statutory time limit to shorten handling cycle than the target of 1/3. Since 2009 for 3 consecutive years was awarded the Xining city court system quality efficiency evaluation of the case, "outstanding units". (author: Wang Jigang)

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