Full of the west to meet the first day of work

by admin

in February 7th after the Spring Festival is the first day of work, early in the morning, the 5 style building west district inspection group began a comprehensive unannounced visits, to see whether there is a cadre of cadres and workers is late, quickly enter the working state, the work style of work for the masses is good, people is not to warm reception. This day, the west district held a party committee (enlarged) meeting, the meeting to mobilize the cadres and workers in the region to move quickly to the normal working state, their homing, riveting enough motivation, to lay a solid foundation for the realization of the objectives of a good start this year.

day, the west area of social security, civil affairs, the petition Hall of all the windows are open, the staff On your marks, enthusiastic reception of the masses. Into the west district government agencies, the reporter saw the spirit of the various departments of staff into the work. The Spring Festival, the West District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the holidays occur easily, and the problem of the masses as a key requirement, the main leadership set an example, take the lead in implementing the provisions of discipline, and earnestly fulfill a pair of responsibility, especially to achieve the "three good": "good money", not extravagance and waste; good hand "don’t close them off; manage the" heart ", does not account for greed. West District Commission established a special 5 style construction supervision group, during the Spring Festival to take the field inspection, thorough investigation, inspection and other forms of linkage, the focus from the masses, bureaucratism, mental slack, poor work performance, efforts to promote the work style building, to better serve the masses.