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15, 16 years Chinese fast food industry is still in the food and beverage industry giant, in 2017 the world’s top five hundred, China enterprises accounted for 36, of course, remove oil and other state enterprises China, the development of the Internet is the most powerful, it is hinted why the rise of the fast food industry. The rise of fast food mostly benefits from the development of the internet. The Chinese fast food has become a large number of investors competing to join the project. To this end, the small series to recommend to you alone holy bread fast food

The development of

holy grain brand caters to the development trend of modern food and beverage, and the experience of Chinese food and beverage for many years has made the shaping of Saint Peter’s pie become more and more professional. The low cost and high flexibility of the product mix, the pie is also more easily accepted by the consumer class, while the abundance of food products has become the principle of its prosperity and vitality. Product positioning: popular Chinese fast food.

fast food shop to join the choice of St. What are the advantages of San Wo pie brand? See the following details:

in recent years, high-end catering more and more pressure, and accordingly, the domestic fast food industry is developing rapidly, with the gradual transformation of national policy support and the concept of consumers, Chinese fast food gradually become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. Pie caught Shenghe development trend of domestic Chinese fast food industry, located in the popular restaurant, with its unique charm to conquer the numerous consumers and investors, become the food industry the most favorite Chinese fast food brand franchisee.

a, brand strength: strong brand strength

With the continuous improvement of the level of domestic consumption, the ability of consumer brand

is gradually increasing. Many Chinese fast food chain brand mushroomed, chain operation has become the dominant mode of the development of domestic fast food industry. As the first national chain of Chinese fast food brand, Shenghe pie joy restaurant with its unique "dishes" localization "shop meals" operation mode, successful breakthrough in traditional Chinese fast food brand barriers, to achieve the maximization of restaurant operating profit. At the same time, the holy grain pie is also the major media in the country to carry out brand promotion activities, to provide brand awareness and reputation, to become the most popular Chinese fast food franchise chain brands.

two, taste characteristics: dishes localization

"dishes localization" business model, is a holy pie for the domestic status quo of Chinese fast food industry. Due to differences in consumer tastes, resulting in most Chinese fast-food chain brand popular in a region to another region will be unable to do The climate does not suit one. "phenomenon, national chain scale. Localization of dishes, according to the local characteristics of the food with the green material selection, select the place name to eat and converted into fast food style, to create the best

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