He joined the chamber takagisms rich good opportunities

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with the increasing pressure of our lives, our needs for entertainment, but also a very high demand. Today, the most distinctive Cisse chamber escape? Very advantageous, with the strength of choice. Small business choose to join the chamber of takagisms Cisse, undoubtedly, good market opportunities, business without trouble!

real experience, hey turn the audience, the 6 generation of high-end theme, many people play a single experience, allowing players to shuttle in a different chamber of magic scene, to meet all the players feel the sensory experience. Simple operation, make money faster, the theme is simple, do not bother to explain to the players, 1 people operate, lower cost. The theme of the scene is constantly updated, each play is not the same, the design team does not regularly update the theme to ensure that the customer experience, the project continued to make money.

Many people play single

Cisse R & D experience model, the characteristics of creative production, research and development of the subject before and after consuming half, more than 30 designers in the design of the multi link level performance chamber. Cisse chamber after years of research and development research, technology is the realization of the "apple" human-computer interaction "APP" "AR"; puzzle design to achieve "NPC" real play "story roles"; the scene real experience is greatly improved.

face the pressure of life hit, we choose to join the chamber of takagisms Cisse project, no doubt, is a very wise choice. Small business choose to join Cisse chamber room escape? In 2017, the most competitive brand to join the project, you are still hesitant what?

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