PO stocks pit over 13 new board counseling companies or in the fake PO!

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None of these

IPO standards for listed companies to apply IPO counseling, is actually "ulterior motives", some for more convenient access to financing; some spread the good news, this is a gimmick raised the price for cash to shareholders. But investors have been waiting for flicker is patient, the tide receded, out of the mix must eventually return.

true and false IPO, which is the latest IPO concept stocks in the rampage three new board, not only investors come out, the stock also began to focus on the new term".

more than choice data show that as of January 16th, three new board for IPO counseling and not yet over the will of the listed company has 317, among them, the first half of 2016 net profit is negative is 12.

According to the

IPO in the practical operation of financial audit standards, must be profitable for two consecutive years (Fujie according to incomplete statistics, found no successful case of the gem another standard requires only last year profit). In other words, the actual operation of the enterprise at the end of a year when the current net profit is negative, then the company wants to apply for IPO, had to wait for at least two years.

IPO stocks pit, far more than that.


– 1/3 or more counseling companies in the "fake" IPO

in accordance with the provisions of the Securities Regulatory Commission issued on 2014, the first public offering of shares and gem management approach, the issuer shall apply for the initial public offering of shares shall meet the following conditions:

(a) the issuer is established in accordance with the law and continue to operate for more than three years of Limited by Share Ltd. The limited liability company according to the original book value of the net assets of the overall change to the shares of the Limited by Share Ltd, the continuous operation time can be calculated from the establishment of a limited liability company date;

(two) the last two years of continuous profitability, the last two years, the cumulative net profit of not less than $ten million, or the most recent year earnings, operating income of not less than fifty million yuan a year. Net profit is calculated based on the deduction of non recurring gains and losses;

(three) the net assets at the end of the last period of not less than $twenty million, and there is no outstanding losses;

(four) the total issued share capital of not less than $thirty million.

this is the most basic financial indicators, according to the rough estimate of the straight line (the first half of the performance of *2 as a full year results), then, does not meet the requirements of the two standards of the 5. Of course, the 2015 annual report data is not related to the loss of the company, but the first half of this year, the loss has reached more than 12.

in addition, there are 6 listed company total share capital of less than 30 million shares. Although the total share capital of the standard operating space is relatively large, but so far these companies can not meet the most basic standards.

not to mention the actual audit

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