BAT after playing up the content of the author to be like a pinch foot to do poineering work

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Abstract: since the BAT collective war content distribution, the mutual attack between content distribution platform has lasted for a long time.


a year, the content of the venture has not diminished the heat, followed by the Department of Tencent, Ali, Baidu and today’s headlines content distribution platform for the growing controversy. Just over the past week, UC headlines (ALI) and today’s headlines to complete a on the content distribution which strong confrontation.

is a phenomenon that the content distribution of feudal lords vying for the throne which "

UC UC from the 9 metropolitan newspaper headlines package independent after the split in the browser, to complete a round of "information see UC, 600 million" PR, directed at today’s headlines earlier whitewashing advertising "is being used by the 400 million user information reading App". Then, UC in the subsequent PR release is to today’s headlines user groups labeled "grass root youth" label.


UC directed at today’s headlines

as the foundation for the content distribution suffered provocation, today’s headlines immediately released a positive challenge, the topic "content distribution platform in the media," who do you prefer, count the UC slot, side face, while the public opinion has been favorable to the industry data.


headlines today dominated


in fact, since the BAT collective war content distribution since the mutual attack between content distribution platform has lasted for a long time.

earlier, Tencent moved to Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Joker campaign, TFBOYS to "material" for daily express whitewashing;

in June, Baidu launched a comprehensive promotion of 100, while the contents of the distribution of the content of the field will be more "content ecology" and "service ecology" and "financial ecology" tied for the three Baidu company level strategy;

August 2nd, cheetah mobile $57 million acquisition of U.S. headlines today News Republic;

during the same period, in the second camp, the Sohu, a NetEase news news information, Sina News, Phoenix News also eager for a fight, waiting in the wings.

three prerequisites: traffic, content and BAT panic

why the content of the market will rise all the way why the content distribution will become the main battlefield of the BAT the answer lies in the following three premises.

1, based on the flow of the BAT national model

no matter what type of government, the culture of the country, finance and real estate will always be the most profitable business, because they have the infrastructure and a high degree of monopoly dual attributes. So, the deepest infrastructure and

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