Teach you how to deal with the customer does not know the problem of brand

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when you recommend your brand to your customers, the most afraid of is that customers do not understand, then give you a false hat. "We are so famous brands, there are so many people do not know." Some service personnel often such complaints, complaining because customer stores often say "this brand, I have never heard of!" when a customer for your stores or store a product you face this question, how to deal with


teach you how to deal with customers do not know the brand

error response and analysis

common response one: "it is impossible, our products are advertised on tv."

analysis: the waiter said, is tantamount to saying that the customer does not pay attention to the media, do not pay attention to television advertising, so that the customer sounds, you will feel that the shopping guide implies that he is ignorant.

common response two: we store the national chain, where can be seen."

analysis: this sentence I am afraid to say that the waiter outwardly strong but inwardly weak, words themselves may not be sufficient to.

common response three: we are a new product, you do not know can understand."

analysis: this argument is in recognition of the brand influence is not large, there is no visibility, so that customers will not dare to trust the product, but also no intention to buy.

difficult dialysis

encounter this kind of situation, don’t go to the brand and customer entangled thing, but to admit that the brand propaganda is not enough, causing the customer does not know the brand, based on the recognition of customers on the go with customers about products.

correctly deal with

if the customer says: "your brand is not very famous, I have never heard of." Do not blindly argue with the customer, the attitude of speech to be modest, to be able to put down the shelf, sincere praise customers. This allows customers to identify and goodwill, and then transferred to the product introduction stage!

language humility, admitted that the brand is not very famous

customer: "your brand is not so famous, I have never heard of it."

clerk: Oh, ah, ah, this is our propaganda work is not in place, really sorry. But it does not matter, just today you can come to know about our products, come, I’ll give you a brief introduction……"

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