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In the life of

we are from nine out of ten in the countryside, simple rural people, rural people hard, rural people sweat, as we all know, here to listen to a source of rural girl entrepreneurial experience!

"a roll of the world" into the "ant tribe business spokesman

"ant" "famous Chinese entrepreneurship spokesperson Xiao Weili accepted an interview with


"have the" accept the interview column Xiao Weili told about many little-known life experiences: because the hometown boys thought that she was born is not very popular, so that the later school had dropped out to fend for themselves, had worked as a primary school teacher and self funded by the sisters did computer design but a few times monthly salary is only more than and 200, which makes her life more difficult, but also greatly inspired her to make efforts, to prove his desire and determination to rise head and shoulders above others.

"Fu brother nine flavor roll" inherits the classic combination of scientific innovation in

roll frenzy

select shop, on a roll in the world "

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