Cheongsam top ten brands list

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talk about the various representatives of China, cheongsam is definitely regarded as one, and with the development of the times, this traditional dress instead of becoming more popular. Cheongsam is one of the representative traditional clothing in China, giving a kind of dignified and elegant feeling. Do you know the cheongsam brand? What are the characteristics of the brand’s cheongsam? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten cheongsam brand list.

cheongsam top ten brand NO.1 – Tao Yumei

Study on the development and innovation of

Tao Yumei is committed to the Chinese clothing cheongsam, make full use of cotton, hemp, wool, woven cotton satin, denim, corduroy, burnt out velvet, chemical fiber fabric, monthly balance introduced 10 new products, can make different levels of consumers can find their own flag robe.

cheongsam top ten brand NO.2 – show view Tang

The perfect combination of

XiuGuan Tang cheongsam of tradition and fashion, elegance and good temperament show. From the beginning of the creation of the concept of the Tang cheongsam brand, pay attention to the brand building and maintenance, with particular emphasis on improving the quality of products. Among the many cheongsam brands in China, show the concept of the quality of the Tang Dynasty is an industry model.

cheongsam top ten brand NO.3 – Jiangnan

yijiangnan Cheong Sam has always focused on brand building and maintenance, huge advertising expenses, pay attention to product quality, known as "Chinese ten brands in China, not only in the province of Yunnan Sheng known throughout the country also have the brand store, a cheongsam industry leader.

cheongsam ten brands list NO.4 – Princess

is one of the oldest cheongsam brand, the product is beautiful, sophisticated materials, reasonable plate, fine workmanship. Different styles of products, color, or noble gorgeous, or festive auspicious, or fresh and elegant, or dignified simplicity, loved by people from all walks of life at home and abroad.

cheongsam top ten brand NO.5 – dream to super

The design of

to the super dream of fashion and the combination of ancient cheongsam, the traditional production process is the dream to a unique brand of style, fashion and joined the modified flag. Transfer of world popularity to all consumer products through the clothing culture, showing Oriental women’s noble, elegance, gorgeous style.

cheongsam top ten brand NO.6 – Shanghai

Shanghai cheongsam with Chinese culture as the essence of design, subversion of the traditional concept of fashion, to establish a different

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