What are the rules of commodity display

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how to put the right goods, which will play a very important role in store sales. For this reason, almost every shop owner will be very cautious about the display of goods. In fact, if you can grasp the relevant rules, the product can also be simplified. So, what is the law of the use of goods?

according to the customer’s needs and convenience to arrange the rules of the product

if customers want to buy all the goods they need, the display of goods must take into account the concentration of these products for customers. For example, clothing, suits, shirts, belts, shoes and related accessories, should be placed in the vicinity of each other.

so that customers can not go far or run in different areas to buy what they need, in the smallest space, the shortest time to meet customer demand for the purchase. In these areas can be set up a special cashier machine, as far as possible to save customers time, to facilitate the process of its purchase.

according to the theme to display goods

is to say, in the store to set up a simulation of the living scene, so that customers feel very comfortable, just like at home to pick up their own home feeling. In this case, the customer can freely choose or watch.

, of course, choose the way of display of goods, the operator must spend more in determining the theme of the mind, through market research and analysis, and investigation on the customers, and set up comprehensive analysis, not only to highlight the theme, reflecting the store and cultural characteristics, but also meet the needs of the public and the trend of the times the development of the.

store in the selection of their goods to choose the main theme of leisure, then the scene of the goods should be as much as possible to put some comfortable leisure style items. Through the placement of goods can further allow customers to understand the meaning and style of your goods. Store the whole show also with this style to make some adjustments, such as highlighting leisure and sports clothing and supplies. And let the special to show your goods, arouse the curiosity of customers.

although the product placement is very important, however, if the owner can master the relevant skills, the successful development will not have much difficulty. So, if you are a shopkeeper, you will be placed in the commodity when the law?

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