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joined the fish shop is the dream of many people, for the fish store what name? It is a lot of people have a headache, now do good, long run fish shop does not see more, let us share, how to use the name to attract the attention of consumers?


fish head

creative Description: idiom "The tune lingered in the room. three days without a break".   "fish" homophonic "aftertaste" can show that the fish store unique flavor fragrance, fragrance overflowing in between three days without a break, the name easy to remember, easy to pronounce, easy publicity. Let a person see a deep impression.


Haisan fragrance

creative Description: "sea" sea is homophonic, this shop fish are authentic seafood, fresh and tender; yet this is good, that our products have everything for quality, quality assurance; Shang Hai "and that" Shanghai ";" fragrance "there are two opinions: one is our fish taste delicious, the two stores articulate fragrant; fish, fish is very tender.


infinite fish

creative Description: from the idiom "endless aftertaste". "Fish" explains what we are doing. Idioms using easy to pronounce, easy to remember the name of the customer, and leave a deep impression on  . Infinite taste, that I shop fish taste rich, diverse practices.

creative Description: first of all, the company is mainly engaged in fish, and unique style, is the company’s secret ingredients, so there is a unique attraction. Fish island, reflects the first "fish", a fish named   to the customer; First impressions are strongest first impression, two fish and fish, carp in Longmen and a series of meaning, to bring customers to the heart. To "island" for the second words, is to give people a mysterious, deep feeling, but also reflects the company’s unique, unique. The whole fish island is smooth, easy to remember, unique charm.

new name: fish flavor

creative Description: new flavor of fish, new fish, as in fish — new taste! Creative Description: the smell of fish is impressive, take a homonym of the new fish taste more easily by the public to remember. "The new flavor" includes the store features, the integration of the Sichuan and Xinjiang fish barbecue characteristics, and 60 kinds of secret sauce, let you linger.

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