How to carry out early education franchise management

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early childhood has become an important lesson in the growing process of children, choose a good early education institutions so you can shop more easily. Open a pre school franchise, then, how to manage it? Xiao Bian for us to carry out a detailed introduction.

(1) listen to the views of the early hearing as a management operator not only to listen and listen. One is to listen to the opinions, the specific management practices are in accordance with students’ interests and the interests of the masses, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations policy permits, not condescending, appeared as a leader or check the identity of the person, not a specifically looking for teaching staff error mentality, nor in a First impressions are strongest thinking to listen, but to listen to a learning attitude and help teachers attitude. The two is to listen to lectures, the class into a class. In the lectures in improving their ability to "know", only in this way can we improve the management decision-making ability.

(2) early learning to learn more. There are two main forms of learning as a manager: one is to read all kinds of books. Should be systematic or selective to learn the theory of education and teaching, the policy of preschool education, laws and regulations, a variety of newspapers and websites from the relevant management and operation, teaching and research articles, a variety of modern educational technology, etc.. The two is the practice of reading books without words, through meetings and research activities or website, to observe the dynamic reform and innovation about peer education and teaching staff to join organizations in education and teaching and research activities, pay more attention to the grassroots, the class and the whole preschool education development change education.

(3) early stores management operators on the preschool education should pay attention to the cultivation of their understanding in the work, carry on a variety of issues, to be good at from different angles, different levels and different form of entry. To be good in operation before, during and after the end of "thinking" and "thinking" and "thinking", to find their own things from it, can not put their head on their shoulders, not casually, without being assertive, without a head to go to work. On the contrary, the initiative becomes passive.

above is about how to carry out the management of early education on the introduction of some of these are worth thinking about. Grasp the industry’s good management capabilities to make the details of the introduction, for this problem, we read through the above content in the future, it must be done in the hearts of it!

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