Zhang Jiaojiao, a young woman with disabilities in Cangzhou, started 500 thousand in chicken breedin

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once disabled, for many people may end up in a lifetime. However, the hero of this article has made unremitting efforts, relying on chicken entrepreneurship, more than 500 thousand years, which is a lot of people can not do a good health, Cangzhou’s disabled young woman Zhang Jiaojiao did.

riding an electric tricycle selling eggs

Zhang Jiaojiao optimistic, strong from the parents care for her. "When I was a child, I couldn’t go to school. In order to let me learn knowledge, my father was busy with his work during the day." Later, with the growth of age, Zhang Jiaojiao found with peers around the gap. Looking at some of their peers admitted to the University, and some took part in the work, and she can only stay at home every day.

at that time Zhang Jiaojiao’s father kept 2000 hens, free to help his father to pick up the egg on the Zhang Jiaojiao. One day, Zhang Jiaojiao thought, why not go out to help his father sell eggs. In Zhang Jiaojiao’s strong request, his father bought her an electric tricycle. In order to learn to drive, Zhang Jiaojiao every day while others sleep, the road less people, secretly open to the playground practice. Learn to drive, Zhang Jiaojiao’s entrepreneurial journey opened.

, however, a very realistic problem in front of Zhang Jiaojiao: she was sitting on a tricycle is a day, half-way can not get off to the toilet. In order to overcome the difficulties, she often hungry all day long do not eat or drink, and sometimes hungry dizzy, weight quickly reduced from 96 pounds to 76 pounds. The most difficult is the winter, cold blood circulation is not smooth legs, legs and feet on the frostbite ulceration. See this situation, parents will not let Zhang Jiaojiao go out.

difficulties did not stop the pace of Zhang Jiaojiao forward, she drove a tricycle around the rural supermarket turned over, decided to establish a supply relationship with the supermarket. Fresh eggs, reasonable prices, personally door-to-door, Zhang Jiaojiao with their own advantages to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the supermarket. Through word of mouth, around the village supermarket, restaurants, bakeries into Zhang Jiaojiao’s customers.

own poultry farms reached 30 thousand

Zhang Jiaojiao to sell eggs to open up the market, but also the idea of raising their own eggs. The first batch of chicks and feed money spent nearly 150 thousand yuan, is to borrow from relatives and friends. Zhang Jiaojiao said: there is a year of bird flu is particularly serious, the spread of the epidemic is very fast, a lot of layers have not escaped the robbery, because of their strict management of the farm, only I keep hens intact. After the outbreak, a substantial reduction in egg herds, egg prices, brought me business opportunities, access to considerable income."

Zhang Jiaojiao was married at that time, her husband was hard-working and capable. The couple after half a year of hard work, debts repaid in full year, net profit reached recommended

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