After 80 entrepreneurship collection

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with the rise of the 80, 80 after the entrepreneurial team is also growing, then, how to start a business, how to run their own small business? Today, the whole business Xiaobian for you to take the 80 after the ten book, in order to let you go on the road of entrepreneurship!

1, after 80 entrepreneurial collection plan


venture Collection 2


collection 3 entrepreneurial efforts

80, Anthony

business collection 4

"over the past thirty-eight years, pronto." If you do the above, I guess you have a very fast time. Don’t regret for nothing! I often hear someone say: "this life, just like yesterday."   the great man said, "heaven and earth turn, time presses. Ten thousand years too long, seize the day."

80 business collection 5 and understand the social

Causal analysis of multiple

80 business Collection 6 and free

80 business collection 7 and learn

the successful exchange of learning, to listen to / more than themselves with people (elder) / careful analysis of their opinions and suggestions, so as to avoid their future detours.

>, after 80 business Collection 8

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