How to open jewelry processing shop How to open

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open jewelry processing shop prospects? Modern people of all kinds of novelty jewelry pursuit of relatively high degree, if you want to find good business opportunities in this industry can successfully achieve the dream of wealth? If you are not very clear on this issue can be seen with the small series of analysis to help you.

market prospects

investment analysis

new jewelry processing shop location the best choice in the street facade 10 ~ 15 square metres can, you can also rent a counter in the mall business.

open new jewelry processing shop upfront investment 30 thousand yuan, the main projects include: the purchase of tools (including mold, grinding machine, etc.) or counter rent and decoration fee, purchase counter, purchase of raw materials and accessories made of new products, accessories for the opening of business fees, promotional fees, cash flow etc..

the new jewelry processing shop is good, but the price should be appropriate. Now on the market: copper jewelry making manual charging ring 3 ~ 5 yuan / gold, silver ring 5 ~ 8 yuan / gold, gold ring 6 ~ 10 yuan / gold, COPPER NECKLACE 15 ~ 30 yuan /, 20 ~ 40 yuan / silver necklace, gold necklace 30 ~ 60 yuan / bar, copper bracelet 25 ~ 40 yuan / pair, silver bracelet 30 ~ 50 yuan / pair, gold bracelet 60 ~ 90 yuan / on.

operational recommendations

Third, adjust the operating time, the integrity of business. Holiday is a new jewelry processing shop season. In holidays, business hours must not be shortened, if conditions permit should also be appropriate to extend the business hours to meet customer needs. Business process must be honest hospitality, honest man, treat new customers and old customers alike. More importantly, in the jewelry processing, production process can not steal gold adulteration". Operators only attentively to customer service, will be traded for a long time unbeaten.

Fourth, open new accessories and recommended

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