My childhood was abandoned, the research was training probation, Liu Zuohu road of entrepreneurship

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Abstract: Liu Zuohu led the team to not explosive players, but like a marathon, he can keep vigilant, adjust their rhythm, a little run forward, to ensure adequate endurance.


childhood Liu Zuohu once had an abandoned experience. He’s shy, not love rarely reveal that talk with eloquence, not so good memories. One day shortly before the night in Shenzhen, he told me the secret: his father’s stroke in bed 18 years after the choice of the mother with sister home, when he was 13 years old. Now the 40 year old Liu zuohu remember mother left after the first annual dinner, the meal is made him aware of their children and other different. "My father and sister, 3 people sitting in a poor house holidays, deserted, in the new year night, I sat alone on the bed clutching the quilt cry." The original well-off family becomes extremely poor, Liu Zuohu’s adolescence was spent in potatoes, beans, dried radish with the. He joked that he is not high enough because of childhood lack of nutrition.


in the business after repeated he remembered the story happened in 17 years ago, at that time, Liu Zuohu attended Zhejiang University majoring in computer in grade second grade security research, but due to help people take the test by the school. See the "cancel the research, when probation" 8 words, Liu Zuohu felt himself to be expelled from school, my mind was carrying a mattress rolled back to the screen, instant emotion, lying in the dormitory bed crying.


cannot fall into the bottom of the picture again and again like a comeback as a hammer knocking out from Hubei Hanchuan town of youth, so that every morning he start the most difficult stage, he will think that experience and feel the pain.

‘s abandonment, loneliness, fear of failure, and starvation did not make Liu Zuohu a weak man, but rather made him more determined. But in the face of some big choices and potential dangers, he will be more conservative and cautious.

he does not want to take the risk even if it is "one percent", in his view, "one percent of the risk is the occurrence of the one hundred percent". He also refused to others is good business, such as South Korea, the second operators have just been founded soon after a company out of 400 thousand yuan of orders, but he said: "even if someone else is holding cash for me, the business will not do, if I don’t have my company halfway. Will die."

after this interview, I have to confirm Liu Zuohu, childhood and college experience influenced him this cautious character of the day, he gave me no answer. But the fact is, in his pioneering days, those unhappy experience reminded again and again he think about the following two questions, one question is, if the second day, the cause is ruined, I have no courage again; another problem is how to not let this thing again >

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