The guest a phone to the car in the dead of night

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meets the extraordinary father

    on the other day, I sat back to school with my classmate in the hotel. I just sat in the copilot, so I chatted with the driver.


    the more than and 40 driver at a glance, the cold night, he was wearing a very old black coat, head of hair was somewhat pale and sparse. From his standard Mandarin, he can be heard from other provinces.


    in fact, we were sitting in his car, but he didn’t talk much, but it was a very interesting thing.

I was sitting in the copilot

, and a car are ready, but the driver is not driving, we wonder, just want to talk to the driver, said: "you will have to fasten the safety belt, otherwise I don’t drive." I only see light suddenly, so rush to fasten the safety belt.


chat happy


driver spoke again: you can get on the train seat belt and to be exposed, or the same as last time, put it back, people say that I was not wearing a seat belt was fined three thousand."


listened to this, the car a few small partners inhuman smile a few. I laughed too.


the conversation began, uncle said he was in Henan, several years ago to this work, and now the car give is his work.


many people feel good but then chartered, uncle don’t think so, he said: "we do this, sometimes too busy to eat, the toilet has no time to come, the guest of a telephone, also going out in the dead of night. I don’t sleep well."


indeed, the work of this kind of time is to sacrifice a lot of sleep time for the hard-earned money.


children do not understand let him sad



said, "I’m an illiterate, so I have to work hard to earn more money for my children. I don’t want him to be like me."

I said: "if he learn if it was bad, but he wanted to drop out of school to do?"


, that does not read certainly not, how do I have to force him to read, or wasted so many years of painstaking effort."


"uncle, do you go home for the new year?"

"no return"".

"why not go back"

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